Website Maintenance Plan

  • Small website updates and fixes (30 minutes or less)*
  • Technical support calls/emails (30 minutes or less)*
  • Weekly backups to an offsite location
  • Weekly software updates of WordPress, it’s related plugins, and theme
  • Website security plug-ins updates
  • Issue management in the event an update to one element creates a conflict with another
  • Up-time Monitoring: we can monitor a site’s up-time and will know if a site is offline before our client and will pro-actively address the issue
  • Disaster Recovery: if the host goes down, or the site is defaced, we can restore the site from a backup and if need be to another host

*Up to 15 hours total per year

Hourly Maintenance

  • Support, training and website maintenance billed at $125/hour, 4 hour blocks

Website Content Management Plan

  • Gallery page updates – edit and size them to the correct dimension, add company logo as watermark to each photo
  • About and/or team headshots updates: edit and size them to the correct dimension
  • Blog posts: proofread, upload to the site and schedule them
  • Page copy updates

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