“When I first decided to gain a web presence in 2012, Valia was the person I called upon. She worked with me professionally, returning all calls and e-mails quickly and giving me all the time it took for me to understand a complex process. She also made recommendations for a web hosting service, and other recommendations to effectively promote my CPA practice. Thanks for turning the process into something I can understand!”

— Frank J. Lilly, Frank J. Lilly, C.P.A.

Strictly Accounting, bookkeeping

I first met Valia Eskandari, founder of Edge Graphics Company at a Tualatin Chamber Friday AM Networking. As I listened to other members praise the work she had done on their websites I thought, I want that! Numbers are my strength. I don’t have the patience for surfing the web or even to put together a scrapbook! Valia has increased my client base with the first two projects she has completed. In one day I received 3 leads! They saw my website, my picture and my Tips signup and gave me a call. I highly recommend The Edge Graphics Company. They are affordable, honest and can be counted on to get the job done.

— Cindy Culver, Strictly Accounting, LLC